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NADRA Marriage Certificate Online Checking Services

Privacy and Protection (Nadra Marriage Certificate)

Welcome to Nikah Wala, In Pakistan, NADRA (National Database & Registration Authority) upholds strict privacy laws to safeguard sensitive records, including marriage certificates. As such, there is no provision for online checking or verification of marriage records. Protecting the privacy of citizens remains a top priority.

NADRA Marriage Certificate Application for Pakistanis Abroad

If you are residing abroad and need a NADRA Marriage Certificate, we can assist you in the process. Simply provide a picture of your Nikah Nama or Marriage certificate (if issued from a non-Pakistani source), and we will apply on your behalf and send it to your address upon completion. In case your Nikah Nama is lost, our legal service can help you obtain a duplicate copy. If you never received a Nikah Nama, we can facilitate its issuance by providing your particulars and Nikah date.

Solemnizing Nikah and Avoiding Zina

We also offer services to solemnize your Nikah, with or without documentation. This allows you to avoid Zina, a significant sin in Islam, and ensures that your children are considered legitimate and proud Muslims.

Legal Marriage Services

Our legal forum has been providing various marriage-related services, including Court Marriages, Online Nikah, and Nikah Khawan Services (for traditional Nikah ceremonies) in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Attock and Jehlum. We specialize in delivering authentic marriage documents, including Nikah Nama and NADRA Marriage Certificates, as well as other Computerized Civil Registration Certificates.

NADRA Services Overview

NADRA plays a vital role in managing government databases and registration records for Pakistani citizens. Some of the key services offered by NADRA include:

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Death Certificate
  3. Marriage Certificate
  4. B Form (For Minors)
  5. Correction of Data in NICOP/CNIC/POC Cards
  6. Dual Nationality Services
  7. Issuance of NICOP/POC Cards for Foreigners

Birth Certificate Application Process

For children born in Pakistan without a birth certificate issued by NADRA, a new one can be applied for following simple instructions.

B Form for Minors

Parents or guardians of children under 18 years old getting married can apply for a B Form. This certificate ensures that the child is not forced into marriage, and its issuance depends on the location and issuing government department.

Dual Nationality

Dual nationality status, which allows a person to be a citizen of two countries simultaneously, comes with specific rules and considerations. It is essential to understand the implications and restrictions associated with dual nationality.

NADRA Verification Services

NADRA provides verification services for identity documents, including CNIC, NICOP, POC, CRC, and FRC, to ensure their authenticity.

The Importance of Privacy (Nadra Marriage Certificate)

Privacy is paramount when it comes to marriage records. Online checking of NADRA Marriage Certificates is not possible, as it could compromise individuals’ privacy. NADRA remains committed to protecting citizens’ personal information.

Secure Your Marriage Certificate

For individuals with a Registered Nikah Nama, applying for a NADRA Marriage Certificate can be done directly or through our assistance. Trust us to handle the process with utmost confidentiality and efficiency.

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