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Welcome to Nikah Wala, Are you an overseas Pakistani seeking a NADRA MRC – Marriage Certificate? Acquiring this crucial document can be a complex process, especially if you reside in countries like the UK, USA, Canada, UAE, or Saudi Arabia. Nikah Wala offers a seamless online solution for obtaining your NADRA Marriage Certificate (MRC) without the need to travel to Pakistan.

Types of Marriage Certificates

Understanding the two types of marriage certificates in Pakistan is essential. The Nikah Nama, a manual marriage certificate prepared in Urdu, is issued by the Nikah Khawan/Registrar. It includes the official stamp and signatures of the bride, groom, and witnesses. The NADRA Marriage Certificate (MRC), on the other hand, provides detailed information about the married couple in both Urdu and English. This globally recognized certificate serves as proof of the wedding contract.

NADRA Marriage Certificate - Prerequisite for Various Purposes

The NADRA Marriage Certificate holds immense significance, particularly for family and spouse visa applications in countries like the UK, UAE, and USA. It is widely accepted by foreign authorities as official proof of marriage.

Applying for a NADRA Marriage Certificate

To apply for your NADRA Marriage Certificate, you’ll need the following documents: Urdu Nikahnama, CNICs of the bride and groom, CNIC of the fathers, CNIC of the Nikah Khawan, and passport copies (if applicable). While major cities like Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi, and others facilitate the issuance of NADRA Marriage Certificates (MRC), smaller cities can access these services through TMA offices and the Arbitration Council office in Islamabad.

NADRA Marriage Certificate Online Cheking and Verification

NADRA’s Marriage Certificate Online Checking and Verification service is unavailable due to strict privacy laws safeguarding personal records. However, individuals abroad can still apply for a NADRA Marriage Certificate by submitting their Nikah Nama or Marriage certificate. Rest assured, NADRA prioritizes the security and confidentiality of all marriage records in their custody.

Nikah Wala - Your Trusted Partner

Count on Nikah Wala to streamline the process of obtaining your NADRA Marriage Certificate (MRC). Our specialized services cater to overseas Pakistanis, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. With our expertise, we navigate the official requirements and procedures involved in acquiring the NADRA Marriage Certificate. We offer additional services, including duplicate certificates, record updates, translations in various languages, and assistance with document attestation from relevant authorities.

Rest assured, we deliver your NADRA Marriage Certificate to your doorstep using trusted courier services such as TCS or DHL. As pioneers in marriage documentation for overseas Pakistanis, we have successfully assisted countless individuals with their NADRA Marriage Certificate requirements, particularly for UK, USA, and UAE visas.

Trust Nikah Wala for certified translations, embassy attestations (MOFA), and expert guidance throughout the entire process. Apply for your NADRA Marriage Certificate with us and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

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