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Online Nikah Services: Convenient and Legally Recognized Marriages in Pakistan

Perform your online Nikah with ease and reliability

Welcome to Nikah Wala, Online Nikah Service in islamabad, rawalpindi and karachi offers a unique opportunity for individuals residing abroad who are unable to physically participate in the Nikah process or attend their marriage in Pakistan. Our services are legally recognized under Pakistan’s Marriage laws and Sharia (Hanfi School of Thoughts). With the assistance of our experienced lawyers, you can perform your online Nikah in Pakistan hassle-free.

No Wali Required and Appointment of Vakeel/Representatives

Unlike some Middle Eastern countries, Pakistani Marriage laws do not require a Wali (guardian) for females to perform Nikah. Our specially designed Nikah nama allows the appointment of Vakeel/Representatives on behalf of the marrying couples. We handle all the necessary paperwork and ensure a smooth and compliant online Nikah process.

Simple Online Nikah Procedure

Our online Nikah procedure is designed to be simple and convenient. Here are the steps involved:

  1. Submit your passport/ID card copies and relevant particulars via email or WhatsApp.
  2. Schedule a date for the Nikah ceremony and join us via video call.
  3. Our experienced Qazi/Nikah Khawan will conduct the ceremony, reciting the Khutba-e-Nikah and administering the Ejab o Qabool (offer and acceptance).
  4. After the ceremony, we process the legal documents, including the registration of Nikah nama and issuance of the NADRA Marriage Certificate (MRC). Translations in English or Arabic, along with necessary attestations, can be provided upon request.

Authentic and Reliable Nikah Documents

Upon availing our online Nikah service, you will receive a comprehensive set of Nikah documents, including the registration of Nikah nama, copies of Urdu Nikah Nama, translations in English/Arabic (if asked so), and the NADRA Marriage Certificate (MRC). These documents are processed through authorized government departments and maintain complete authenticity and reliability.

To Perform Online Nikah from Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Karachi

Perform your Online Nikah with ease and reliability from our offices in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Karachi. Our experienced team of lawyers and Nikah Khawans is ready to assist you in solemnizing your marriage online, regardless of your location. With our convenient services, you can fulfill all the legal requirements for your Nikah and obtain authentic Nikah documents, including the registration of Nikah nama and the NADRA Marriage Certificate (MRC). Trust our expertise and choose our Islamabad, Rawalpindi, or Karachi offices for a seamless and legally recognized online Nikah experience.

Fulfill Islamic Wedding Requirements

Our online Nikah service ensures all essential requirements for an Islamic wedding are fulfilled, such as the presence of two Nikah witnesses, consent from both parties, agreement on the amount of Mehr (dower), and compliance with Hanafi Islamic school guidelines.

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Online Nikah Services

Online Nikah refers to a marriage conducted virtually over the internet, where the parties are not physically present together but participate in the marriage ceremony through video conferencing or other online platforms.

The permissibility of online Nikah in Islam is a topic of debate among scholars. While some scholars argue that it can be valid if all necessary conditions are met, others maintain that physical presence and witnesses are essential components of a valid Islamic marriage contract.

The process of online Nikah in Pakistan involves several steps. Both parties provide their consent and personal details to a religious authority or organization. A video call is arranged where the cleric officiates the Nikah, and witnesses are present on the call. Post-Nikah, the marriage contract (Nikah Nama) is prepared, signed by both parties and witnesses, and sent for registration with relevant authorities.

The validity of online Nikah in Islam is debated among scholars. While some argue it can be valid if conducted with proper consent, witnesses, and adherence to Islamic principles, others emphasize the significance of physical presence and traditional procedures.

The permissibility of conducting Nikah (Islamic marriage) online is a subject of scholarly debate. While some scholars contend that it can be valid with proper conditions, such as consent, witnesses, and adherence to Islamic guidelines, others emphasize the importance of physical presence and traditional procedures.

The online Nikah fee in Pakistan can vary widely depending on the religious authority, organization, or platform facilitating the virtual ceremony.

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